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Zertifikat WIN-1-17-6829

Dressage horse : Gorgeous state premium mare with top Dressage Pedigree 


Donna Dream 


Chestnut mare 2011 by Don Cismo/Don Primero/World Cup appr. 167 cm


Gorgeous young state premium mare for sport and breeding!

Picture-perfect dressage talent who impresses with her very modern type, exceptional movements and highly celebrated dam lines!

A dressage and breeding youngster for the discerning rider and breeder!

Eye-catching dressage talent with tons of movements, elasticity and wonderful character - top qualities for a successful dressage career. Her swinging gaits and very active hind leg are ideal for upper level dressage! 

Mare has made in may a stunning mare test with state premium award. Excelent rideabilty and high quality movments. Makes also a nice jump .

Her potential for easily achieving premium mare status and success in the big dressage arena are obvious!

Also on her first young horse show 2015 in the basic level second placed with 8,3 and on her second show winner in the first level !

2016 now 4 starts in first and second dressage level . 3 times winner and one time on the second place. All times scored over 8 !!!  

Now actuell in 2017 winner in the 2nd level more times and by her first starts in the 3rd level already winner and high placed.  

Ideal mare for amateur and young rider because no time spooky and absolut clear in the head  

On the video are here basic movements to see 


Here you can see her first flighing change. Not perfect in the moment, because training has first started , but Ithink good to see that this mare will learn all quick by longer training 



 Video first training free jumping : 



Her remarkable pedigree provides a sound foundation for a brilliant breeding and dressage career: 

Her sire, Don Cismo, is out of one of the most influential dam lines in Oldenburg (Waldhexe line). He just won the 2013 qualification for the 6-year old dressage horses with a score of 9.0! His sisters are all elite mares and sport horses successful up to Grand Prix.  

Dam is an elite mare and was winner of the 4-year old riding horses in the state championship in Oldenburg and also highly ranked at the Bundeschampionship. The granddam is also an elite mare which produced five licensed stallions, state premium mares and dressage horses successful up to S level. 

Here is more information about Don Cismo: http://www.quadriga-pferdehaltung.de/101
Her grandsire, Don Primero, was also successful up to Grand Prix and with World Cup I, we have the sire of Weltmeyer in the pedigree.

Her dam lines are equally as valuable and include the very successful Hanoverian breeding farm “Hänigsen,” which produced among others the stallions Cervantes, Frappant, Weltbekannt (United States) and Livijno (R. Zeilinger). 

Her dam is the winner of her mare performance test, state premium/elite mare and stallion mother. 

Her brother is a licensed premium stallion, her sister is a winner mare and finalist at the Bundeschampionship of the 6-year old dressage horses and trained up to Intermediaire I. Another sister is a state premium mare who qualified for the “Brilliantring.” Other siblings recently won training tests for dressage horses and were declared state and elite mares with excellent performance tests.

Daughter from a sister was Brilliantring (elite/state premium mare) in Oldenburg 2014 and in the finale of the german horse championship   

These lines with their top pedigree and exceptional performance are a dream for both breeders and riders!


Very modern mare with great potential for international success!


Price category IV

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