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Zertifikat WIN-1-17-6829

Premium filly 2017: Young eyecatcher for dressage and breeding out of Grand Prix line


Donna J 


Dark cestnut filly 2017 by Don Cismo/Jazz Rubin/Don Primero 


What an eye catcher with great genetic for dressage and breeding !

Beautiful and very modern Oldenburger filly 4/2017 by Don Cismo/Jazz Rubin/Don Primero out of state premium mare "Jazz Rubina" " which is to licensed breeding stallion, Championship ranked and Grand Prix trained mare "Jazz Queen" usw... Jazz Rubina herself was nominated for the mare show in Rasteede and produced already one premium filly.  

This filly is very flashy with exceptional movements and an alert and confident personality! There is no question, she is going to be noticed, whether it is in the dressage arena or as lovely partner for all days !  

She also is perfectly suited for the amateur sport, with a wonderful sweet character and uncomplicated temperament.  

An ideal horse for the discerning amateur rider looking for a great horse to bring along. She has character, a great work-ethic and beautiful, elastic movements!

You will fall in love with this charming, sweet lady, who is looking for his very own rider to appreciate his potential !  

Nevertheless she is a very cool and realxed filly and is of course premium filly in Oldenburg 2017.



The damline is the out of very success hannoveraner breeding farm :Hänigsen, which among other things the stallions of Cervantes, Frappant, Weltbekannt emerge (United States) and Livijno (R. Zeilinger) comes out

Grand dam from the filly is state premium/elite mare , winner mare test, championship ranked and was a lot of years on of the breeding index highest mares in Württemberg. 

Sire Don Cismo is out of Walhdexe dam line and is full brother to Grand Prix mare, Elitemares... Dam is winner mare in Oldenburg. 

Grand sire Jazz Rubin, was winner in his stallion test and is out of Elektia dam line. His dam is full sister to Rohdiamant.

Filly with best neckline and very good movements with world pedigree for dressage and breeding 



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